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The Express Tribune under the International Herald published an article of mine on the 12th of December 2011. My article aims to provide an alternative view to mainstream policies and aims to reform Pakistan’s financial sector that has adopted the same philosophy,the same principles that are responsible for leading the western hemisphere into its greatest financial catastrophe.
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Environmental Ethics – Part 1

Connecting our Consciousness to Mother Nature
By Zain Raza

The 20th Century provided humanity with numerous opportunities to reform it’s collective systems  in order for them to work mutually, sustainably and reciprocally with our environment. Unfortunately the lack of  collective effort on every macro stage ( Economic , Political, Scientific) has resulted in a complete failure to surface and implement policies that would bring about true reform. With a decade gone by following the eclipse of the 21st century, it appears that we are at a complete standstill. Humanity’s window of opportunity is closing , and now, it not only demands immediate and swift action but it also demands a complete overhaul to our collective way of life.
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The European Titanic
By Zain Raza

More than a year ago I predicted that the European Monetary Union ( Check Wall photo Album) would disband & the currency would face a major crises as Pro-European View full article »

Silver analysis & update by Zain Raza
You want to preserve, grow & flourish your wealth ? Here is your chance. During my last analysis that I posted on my View full article »

You’re Not a Solider
By Zain Raza

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